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SHP Summer Conference Booking Now Open!

SHP Summer Conference 2020

10-12 July 2020, Leeds Trinity University


“Like diving into a revitalising ocean of disciplinary professional development!”

Take a refreshingly deep dive into history education by booking a place at the 32nd Schools History Project Summer Conference – the world’s best history teaching CPD! You can access the booking page of the Leeds Trinity University HERE.

This year’s line-up contains a wonderful mixture of practical and the theoretical; the historical and the pedagogical; the thought-provoking and the fun.

You will be able to attend five of the 25 excellent workshops and five plenary sessions that will provide you with a range of practical ideas that you can take away and use in your classroom the next day as well as things that will help you re-consider and re-shape your practice for the years to come. There will be things that will help you be ‘Ofsted-ready’ as well as things that reignite your passion for history and for teaching.

Workshop topics include:

  • Planning, sequencing and diversifying your Key Stage 3 curriculum;
  • The role of knowledge in history teaching;
  • The teaching of sensitive or controversial topics;
  • Helping students to use sources in historically rigorous ways;
  • Helping all students access GCSE;
  • The role of Teaching Assistants in the history classroom;
  • The use of historical scholarship in the classroom and the teaching of interpretations;
  • Dual-coding in the history classroom to build long-term memory;
  • The teaching of site-studies and local history at Key Stage 3 and GCSE;
  • Diversifying your curriculum;
  • Improving literacy and extended writing at all levels;
  • Using oral history effectively in the classroom;
  • Teaching the history of Britain’s relationship with Europe;
  • The transatlantic slave trade, its effects and abolition; and
  • The history of the British Empire.


These will be delivered by some of the best practitioner in history education including Christine Counsell, Ben Walsh, Helen Snelson, Tim Jenner, Kath Goudie, Alex Ford and Dale Banham.

There will also be the usual mix of exam boards, publishers and other history-education resource providers to meet and talk with.


How to book a place:

All applications and workshop selections for the 2019 July Conference in Leeds will be processed online HERE.



Full Package Full Package (Trainee) Full conference – no accommodation Saturday only – no accommodation
Friday Conference
Saturday Conference
Sunday Conference
Coffees & Meals
Evening Meals
Accommodation Friday & Saturday (can be booked separately)
Cost  £290 £195 £190 £150



Some compliments from previous attendees…

2019 workshop

“Top notch!”

“The best CPD I’ve had”.

“Excellent CPD, the best. I go to all year. Reinvigorates the (history teaching) soul!”

“An amazing conference. As an NQT this is invaluable. So many thought-provoking sessions and so much to take away for September.”

“Outstanding, inspiring and passionately-delivered sessions.”

Excellent CPD. I always come away with loads of ideas. I’m responsible for whole-school CPD and always share ideas with whole staff in September as so many are transferrable to other subjects.”


“Amazing! The SHP Conference just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for reinvigorating my love of history ready for September.”

2019 workshop

“Stimulating, moving, energising.”

“Lovely – thought-provoking, informative, reassuring, challenging, fun”

“Amazing and inspirational!”

“It’s been absolutely brilliant!”

“Wow! I’ve been immersed in great history teaching for a whole weekend. I’ll be going back to my notes for years to come. Truly inspiring!”

“Excellent CPD. Lots of strategies to take away and a well-needed injection of enthusiasm. Can’t wait to get planning for September.”

“An outstanding display of innovation and engagement which has made me feel re-energised and ready to start planning for next year.”

“Fantastic! Once again providing me with lots to take away and think about.”

“Absolutely incredible.”

“Recharged, buzzing and exalted thanks to SHP.”

“A brilliant experience. A great opportunity to enhance pedagogy and reconnect with subject knowledge.”

“Excellent, as always. Best CPD all year.”

“Enlightening and reaffirming, giving a great sense of community amongst history teachers.”
“This is a lovely history community.”

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