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Welcome to SHP Curriculum PATHS

The SHP Curriculum PATHS Council would like to welcome you to the Curriculum PATHS web page.

SHP Curriculum PATHS was founded by the Schools History Project (SHP) at Leeds Trinity University. SHP Curriculum PATHS is a community of people who are committed to improving the quality of history education by ensuring ethics remain at the heart of curriculum decisions in schools.

You can find out more about Curriculum PATHS via the drop-down menu.

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Curriculum PATHS is open to all teachers of history, as well as those who support history teaching in schools. It is free-to-join and democratically accountable to its members. If you are not already a member, you can sign up for free here:

We firmly believe that history educators who are serious about providing a ‘powerful’ curriculum for their pupils would be best served thinking more robustly about the ethical justifications of their curriculum content selections, pedagogical approaches, and assessment choices. We have therefore created, ratified and shared our framework of Ethical Principles for curriculum construction in history.

The Ethical Principles are designed to empower teachers of history to:

  • Plan their own ethically grounded history units and curriculum overviews.
  • Share curricula and curriculum units, alongside clear explanations for their ethical underpinnings.
  • Integrate ethically grounded curriculum units or curriculum overviews, shared by others, meaningfully into their school contexts.
  • Have opportunities to work with other teachers of history, across multiple contexts and age phases, and be active in discussing about what makes an empowering history education.

You will find the Ethical Principles below and links for viewing or sharing your own Curriculum PATHS on the side bar.

Ethical Principles for Curriculum Design