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Schools History Project Summer Conference June 29-30 2024 at Leeds Trinity University

Tickets for our Summer Conference are now available, click on the link below to book your place:

As befitting the ‘Glastonbury of the History Education world’ we are trialling a similar system for selling tickets for this years conference. Tickets will be released in three tranches with the prices slightly increasing as we get closer to June. The Early Bird offer will run out at midnight on March 30th, so if you can take advantage of that you will get a real bargain. Due to the ongoing building work at LTU we are only able to offer 180 places for participants to stay on campus this year, however we will be opening the accommodation on Friday 28th June for those of you who would like to travel up to Leeds a bit earlier.

To take advantage of our Early Bird Tickets please click here.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you in Leeds in June!


Director of the Schools History Project