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OCR B (SHP): A case case study of summative assessment

In this case-study Jenny McCullough shares her department’s approach to summative assessment at the end of Year 10, and provides a helpful analysis of what this revealed. The approach taken here is a case-study from one particular school and should not be seen as ‘official’ OCR or SHP practice.  However, this excellent case study provides some useful insights that should help you prepare your stud...

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OCR B (SHP) Assessment Guide

This Assessment Guide has been produced by SHP to help you prepare students for the first examination in summer 2018. It provides notes on each question format, suggested timings and guidance on the features of strong answers. Click here to download the assessment guide. The Assessment Guide should be used alongside the original SAMs, the two additional sets of Practice Papers (May 2017 and Decemb...

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OCR GCSE History B: Living Under Nazi Rule

Published this week, a new textbook by Richard Kennett,  Head of Humanities and SHP fellow. This book is now available to purchase from our publishing partners, Hodder. Rich has written about his fascination with the topic and what makes this book stand out on the Hodder History Nest, which you can read by clicking here.  

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Seven tips for assessing the OCR GCSE History B World Depth Study

This month, Asher Goodenough, Subject Specialist History/Critical Thinking at OCR, is offering some tips for people on assessing the new OCR B World Depth Study. Understandably, many of the calls and emails we get at OCR ask us exactly how to apply the mark schemes on the new SHP GCSE. There are some important changes to the types of questions, and the way these mark schemes will be applied, compa...

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Regional Advisers Recommend…summer days out

Having reached the summer holidays, this month our regional advisers are sharing their favourite local historic site, to help you plan the long days of exploring you have ahead of you.   One of my favourite local history spots is the newly renovated Lincoln Castle. The castle was built by William the Conqueror and you can see the motte and other features of the castle as well as walk all the ...

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