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Conference materials: Jamie Byrom’s plenary

At this summer’s conference, Jamie Byrom spoke on the topic, ‘Floating their boat – helping low-attainers in history’. He drew on his considerable experience in the classroom and as History adviser in Devon to share strategies grouped into three categories – using enquiry questions, long-term planning and day-to-day planning. We’re delighted to be able to share his pr...

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Conference materials: Historian in the classroom – Yasmin Khan: the Raj at War

This workshop was based on a collaboration with the historian Yasmin Khan. The substantive focus was a comparative study of the British and Indian Home fronts during the second world war. However, we were also keen to give access to the ways historians construct their historical claims. The 12-minute film was made to allow Yasmin Khan to talk directly to students about her methods, her issues with...

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Teaching Black Tudors – resources

Black Tudors Miranda Kaufman’s plenary at SHP 2019 and workshop by Josh Garry and Wendy Lennon alerted delegates to a range of approached that teachers nationally are developing using Miranda’s books. The short blog explains the background to the project while the Google Drive contains materials that have already been created to support teachers, but please feel free to add some of your own. Curre...

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Beyond the textbook: effective teaching for the new OCR B (SHP) GCSE

When we ask teachers what they and their students are enjoying about new OCR B (SHP) GCSE they nearly always mention three things: the varied and interesting historical content the clear structure of the course and of individual studies the human interest that lies at the heart of each study The twelve textbooks that SHP has produced with our publishing partner Hodder Education attempt to enhance ...

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Extra support for the thematic study overviews

Each textbook in SHP’s new GCSE series contain sufficient knowledge to allow your highest-attaining students to achieve level 9 in the exam. At the same time, the textbooks support weaker students by providing a clear enquiry structure, engaging narratives and strong visuals. Some students who struggle with reading and writing will obviously need additional support. There are a range of strategies...

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OCR B (SHP): A case case study of summative assessment

In this case-study Jenny McCullough shares her department’s approach to summative assessment at the end of Year 10, and provides a helpful analysis of what this revealed. The approach taken here is a case-study from one particular school and should not be seen as ‘official’ OCR or SHP practice.  However, this excellent case study provides some useful insights that should help you prepare your stud...

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