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Resources for teaching ‘Aztecs and the Spanish Conquest, 1519-35’

The following resources have been produced by SHP Regional Adviser for the southeast, Andy Harmsworth, to support teachers offering the OCR B World Depth Study ‘Aztecs and the Spanish Conquest, 1519-35’ The Greatest Coincidence in History? This addresses one of the key issues in both the ‘Encounters’’ and ‘Conquest, 1519-21’ sections of the specification: why Moctezuma welcomed the inv...

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Planning priorities for the OCR B (SHP) British depth study

It’s early days, but we’ve already had lots of positive feedback from teachers and students about the new OCR B (SHP) GCSE. At the OCR First Teaching courses in the autumn, teachers reported that they and their students were enjoying three aspects of the course in particular: The wide range of history offered by the SHP GCSE. Teachers told us that their chosen five studies provide a varied and int...

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Regional Advisers Recommend…preparation for the new OCR B GCSE

Now we’re all into the maelstrom of teaching the new GCSE, your thoughts might be straying forwards to thinking about how you can prepare for future units whilst at the same time continuing to teach amazing lessons on your current unit. The Regional Advisers are here to help! Here are some accessible and interesting suggestions to help you enrich your knowledge of some aspects of the new OCR...

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What does SLT need to know?

At the SHP summer conference in July 2016, Christine Counsell shared her thoughts on what SLT need to know about history teaching. This powerpoint and associated resources are aimed at enabling heads of history to tackle those difficult conversations with their (probably) non-history-specialist line managers, particularly in the current climate off assessing progress at KS3 using GCSE criteria. Wh...

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Regional Advisers Recommend…summer days out

Having reached the summer holidays, this month our regional advisers are sharing their favourite local historic site, to help you plan the long days of exploring you have ahead of you.   One of my favourite local history spots is the newly renovated Lincoln Castle. The castle was built by William the Conqueror and you can see the motte and other features of the castle as well as walk all the ...

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SHP Summer Conference

“There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe SHP15” …was how one teacher summed last year’s SHP conference. The 2016 SHP Conference promises its usual mix of enjoyment, enrichment and inspiration. This year, there will a strong focus on helping you to prepare for the new GCSE, including sessions specifically aimed at all the new GCSE specs. There will also be lots of...

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April e-News 2016

Message from Michael I hope you had a good Easter break and that you managed to recharge your batteries. This term, many of you will be planning for the start of your new GCSE in September. The SHP Conference in Leeds will be packed with ideas to help with this. The weekend includes sessions to support all the new specs as well as workshops aimed specifically at SHP (OCR B). As usual, we have a fa...

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Planning priorities for the new SHP GCSE (OCR B)

I’m full of admiration for history teachers planning the new SHP GCSE course. Your dedication, knowledge and creativity never cease to amaze me. It’s been great to see such enthusiasm for the new specification and to hear about the plans of different schools. Some wonderful site studies are emerging for History Around Us and many history departments are taking the opportunity to study at least one...

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