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Learn About Comparative Judgement Marking

Schools History Project Essay Competition

in association with Professor Peter Frankopan, No More Marking and Hodder Education

Comparative Judgement Round




Comparative Judgement Marking

We are delighted to offer teachers a chance to take part in an comparative judgement marking experience.

We have been delighted by the popularity of the SHP Essay Competition with Peter Frankopan, No More Marking, Hodder Education and History Today.

While the primary aim of the competition was to help history teachers broaden their curricula and provide a meaningful task for students to do during the lockdown, we also wanted it to be an opportunity to learn more about No More Marking‘s comparative judgement process.

What is Comparative Judgement?

The comparative judgement process asks markers to say which of two essays they consider to be better and the judgement is recorded simply with a click. As this process is repeated by different markers, an algorithm is able to rank the essays with a high degree of certainty. If you are unfamiliar with how this works, it is worth looking at the impressive demo on No More Marking’s website.

There are no markschemes. No levels. No grades. No feedback is necessary. Just a simple judgement about which essay best answers the question.

This process could be used in many ways but in our competition, this process will provide a ‘long-list’ which will be passed to Professor Frankopan.

Who can sign up?

Anyone can sign up but it would be helpful if you have some experience of teaching and/or marking history essays.

Your school does not have to have taken part in the competition in order to take part in the comparative judgement process.

How can I sign up?

If you are interested in taking part, becoming a marker and learning about this transformative approach to marking, please submit your details via this form and more information will be sent to you shortly.