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Free Online CPD – Corinne Goullée on the Teaching Interpretations of the Slave Trade

The Schools History Project is delighted to present a free online CPD workshop on teaching interpretations of the Transatlantic slave trade by Corinne Goullée (@corinnegoullee}, Head of History at Cottenham Village College.

So, historians follow the crowd, Miss?”: Helping Year 9 get to grips with historiography

This workshop will focus on how Corinne transformed an existing enquiry on the abolition of the slave trade in order to help Year 9 pupils engage meaningfully with the relationship between individual historians’ interpretations of history and wider historiographical trends.

Corinne will share the principles underpinning the design of the enquiry and the practical activities she used to help students engage with extended extracts of historical scholarship and the background of the historians.  It will also explore how she was able to introduce her students to the ideas from different historical schools of thought, and how this helped them better understand the discipline of history and go beyond unhelpful generalisations about why historians might disagree.

It was with great sadness that we made the decision to cancel the summer conference this year. However, we are planning to put on a Virtual Summer Conference around the same time the ‘live’ conference would have been. This session, on Monday 18 May 19:00 BST will act as a pilot for that virtual conference and your attendance will be incredibly helpful to us. To say thank you, attendees at this pilot workshop will be entitled to a modest discount on the already-modest ticket price of the conference itself. This discount will be redeemable when pricing is announced and bookings for the virtual summer conference open.

Once you have completed the online form here, more details will be sent to you in due course. However, there is a limit to the number of attendees that we can accommodate so, if we are full, please accept our apologies if we have to turn you down.

If you have any questions, please email