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Continuing our 40-year tradition of supporting teachers and working to improve history teaching, we hope this website provokes thought, inspiration and enthusiasm for the teaching of history.

Michael Riley, SHP Director.

What’s New

SHP 2018: Sixth Plenary

Helen Snelson today talking about oral history and its use in the classroom. Helen was inspired by a story on Her Story Made History on Radio 4, in particular the story of Madera Al Ajroush, who has successfully campaigned for women to be allowed to ... Read More »

SHP 2018: Fourth Plenary

Claire Alexander, Robin Bunce, Maya Parmar, Pragya Vohra and Brodie Waddell presenting their work on the award winning ‘Our Migration Story’ – teaching migration history and why it matters so much. Claire is approaching the study fr... Read More »

SHP 2018: Third plenary

Tim Cole, Professor of Social History at Bristol University, speaking on Beyond Auschwitz: exploring the meaning of local landscapes in the evolution of the Holocaust. Tim begins with the famous spot in Auschwitz where the rail line branches close to... Read More »