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Continuing our 40-year tradition of supporting teachers and working to improve history teaching, we hope this website provokes thought, inspiration and enthusiasm for the teaching of history.

Michael Riley, SHP Director.

What’s New

OCR (B) SHP GCSE: Examiner Report

Reports on all the papers comprising the OCR (B) SHP GCSE specification are available and can be accessed via the secure section of OCR’s website. These provide lots of tips to help our OCR (B) teachers prepare their students thoroughly for the... Read More »

Using oral history at Key Stage 3

Oral history has great potential to connect history to the lives of young people. It can deepen students’ understanding of history by making it more personal and complex. These resources emerged from Helen Snelson’s plenary session at the 2018 SHP Co... Read More »

SHP 2018: Sixth Plenary

Helen Snelson today talking about oral history and its use in the classroom. Helen was inspired by a story on Her Story Made History on Radio 4, in particular the story of Madera Al Ajroush, who has successfully campaigned for women to be allowed to ... Read More »