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Extra support for the thematic study overviews

Each textbook in SHP’s new GCSE series contain sufficient knowledge to allow your highest-attaining students to achieve level 9 in the exam. At the same time, the textbooks support weaker students by providing a clear enquiry structure, engaging narratives and strong visuals. Some students who struggle with reading and writing will obviously need additional support. There are a range of strategies that will allow you to stick with the focus of an enquiry in the textbook, and ensure greater accessibility. These include:

  • making greater use of pictures and documentary clips within the enquiry
  • engaging students through teacher ‘story-telling’ based on the information in the textbook
  • reading aloud to students and creating specific listening activities
  • turning textbook narratives and situations into teacher-directed role-plays
  • creating opportunities for collaborative work, particularly pair talk
  • reducing the amount of reading by dividing up content between different groups of students
  • simplifying and adapting the author text and activities
  • re-formatting text by creating matching and sequencing activities

These resources share activities that could be used to provide extra support for weaker students when teaching the thematic study overviews.

Michael Riley