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Britain’s Commonwealth Migrants

Unit 12 in the SHP publication ‘The Impact of Empire’ (2nd edition), by Jamie Byrom, Chris Culpin and Michael Riley, explores the experiences of Britain’s Commonwealth migrants in the period after the Second World War. Students are helped to understand the development of ethnic and cultural diversity in post-war Britain by engaging with the general narrative of migration and with the stories of individual migrants.

The overall challenge is for students to uncover the stories of individual Commonwealth migrants who came to Britain in the three decades after the Second World War. Students use the general narrative to decide on the specific aspects of the migrant experience that they hope to uncover, and to generate some good questions that can be used in an oral history interview.

These two resources provide a format to help students structure their research and to help them decide what makes a good oral history question in an interview with an African-Caribbean migrant. The resources can be adapted for use with different migrant groups.

Download the Resources

Two resources are provided: