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‘King’ Cromwell? – Biography Writing Frames

The big task in ‘King’ Cromwell? is for pupils to research, plan and write their own biography of Oliver Cromwell. These worksheets are designed to support their work by providing a structured writing frame for each chapter. You can download them onto your school intranet and, if appropriate, customise them to suit the needs and abilities of your pupils.

The Certificate is a colour version of Worksheet 28 in the TRB, to be awarded to pupils who have completed their biographies successfully.

Downloading the student materials

Click on the items in the list below:

Writing Frames For convenience, all of the writing frames have been combined into one document, together with a blank frame

Chapter 1 Biography

Certificate Worksheet 28 in the Teachers Resource Book, a certificate to award to pupils who have completed their biographies successfully.


The Biography writing frames are Word files and the certificate is a PDF file.

Before pupils print out their work, they should delete ‘Writing Frame’ from the headings and delete the sub-headings (e.g. ‘Introduction’, ‘First Paragraph’, etc.).

Further guidance is given on pages 15 and 20 of the Teachers’ Resource Book (see below for details) and Worksheets 25A–G contain more detailed advice for pupils.