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The Holocaust Website – Build Your Own

In ‘The Holocaust’, by Ann Moore and Christopher Culpin, (in the SHP series for KS3: “This Is History”), pupils are invited to create their own Holocaust website. Putting it together not only keeps the pupils driving through their enquiry, it encourages them to evaluate the material provided in the book.

This “Big Task” is outlined on page 7 of the Pupil’s Book. The idea is that pupils collect evidence about the different stages of the Holocaust as they work through the enquiries. However, these KS3 pupils are working as historians, evaluating the sources as they go and making clear the basis on which they make their evaluations. Their findings and conclusions are compiled on their site.

Of course the task can be carried out on paper “as if” for a website. But it will be much more motivating for pupils to actually create a real website which can then be loaded on to the school site. So we have provided a template below. And, when you have downloaded this template for a homepage, pupils can then make links from various parts of the homepage to their own files.

Downloading a Template for a ‘Holocaust Website’

Here is an HTML template for pupils to use for their webpages [ click here ]

Note: to download this file, click on the ‘click here’ link above with the right mouse button, then choose Save Target as option and save onto your computer.