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Would a centegenarian recognise Norwich in the new millennium?

An enquiry for the end of KS3

This enquiry from Jo Philpott, AST at Dereham Neatherd High School, Norfolk, was specifically designed as a last experience of taught history for a group of Year 9 pupils with Special Educational Needs.

At the time of teaching these pupils were disapplied from the KS4 history curriculum. The aim was for the pupils to apply their KS3 history curriculum to their own locality through a real outcome; this would enable the pupils to see the relevance of history beyond the classroom.

The enquiry took 6 weeks to teach and was built around a field study to Norwich which took place in the middle of the enquiry. Pupils designed tourist leaflets and displays which were shared with the local museum service.

The enquiry has since been rewritten many times to suit the needs of the relevant class and teacher; it is featured in detail in Teaching History, 131.

Download the Plan and Scheme of Work

Download the material here.

The KS3 Plan [ click here ]

The Scheme of Work [ click here ]