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Myths and Monty Python: an enquiry into early-modern witchcraft

The attached materials from Kerry Apps, history teacher at the Charter Schools, Dulwich, are from an enquiry into the significance of the witch-hunts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries presented at the Schools History Project Summer Conference 2016.


This enquiry was created to provide year eight with their first introduction to the historical concept of significance and provide them with a detailed and rigorous understanding of the witch-hunts. The enquiry sees students analyze where modern myths and misconceptions of the witch-hunts have come from before delving into the causes of witch-hunts and beliefs surrounding witches via contemporary sources and the work of historians. Students then use this understanding to consider the significance of the hunts in different contexts; as a window into early modern life, on the ground at a local level and from the perspective of the Enlightenment and scientific revolutions. The high point of the enquiry is an interactive witch-hunt based upon first hand research and archival materials.

To access the powerpoint explaining the enquiry click here. For resources and the witch-hunting lesson click here and here.

Please note that these are all large files and are hosted in our associated Google Drive.