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Sally’s Special History Lesson

Sally’s Special History Lesson‘ introduces Key Stage 1 children in a ‘fun way’ to the historical vocabulary and the types of sources that they will be using in their enquiry about significant historical events, people and places in their own locality. 

This activity helps teachers to plan and prepare this subject content, through the medium of a story (written and illustrated by Ann Moore).

Sally is a five year old, with an elder brother and cousin in Year 2. They are about to embark on a new history enquiry, but neither really understands what history is, or how they can find out about it.

After reading the story with their class, teachers use Worksheet 1 at the end of the story to capture children’s new knowledge and understanding of historical vocabulary and of different ways of finding out about history.

Worksheets 2 and 3 are individual to each school and are a simple way to introduce children to either the significant person or the significant event that they will be studying, together with the sources and resources that they will use.

Please click here to download the resource.