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Spin PowerPoints

Lesley Ann McDermott shared a novel revision strategy in the TeachMeet session at the 2012 SHP Conference.

Lesley Ann uses Spin Powerpoints to make revision sessions more challenge, fun and engaging. Check out her Spin Powerpoint based on crime and punishment past questions in Resource 1. (Press ‘S’ to stop the spin!).

In Resource 2 Lesley Ann suggests ideas for other things that you could include on the slides apart from past questions. She also provides an idiot’s guide to making Spin Powerpoints.


Additional Comments from Lesley Ann

Press ‘S’ for start/stop
Press ‘esc’ to end

Slide transition: Set timings ’00’ on mouse click. Apply all slides.
On slide set up tick loop till esc

I always include a few ‘miss a turn’ slides. Place students names on lollipop sticks to randomly select children to answer questions – usually recall/closed questions for revision using visual  sources.

All questions from OCR SHP Crime from 1999 to 2012.

For exam questions I ask low ability to try a) questions. Middle ability b) questions & top ability c) questions. In pairs they have 5 – 10 minutes to tackle the question using notes/books & then they verbally share answer with another pair.

Great revision push & exam question confidence boost.


Resource 1: Spin Powerpoint
Crime and Punishment Past Questions, OCR 1999-2012 [ click here ]

Resource 2: Guidance on Spin Powerpoints [ click here ]