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‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’

This guidance is based on Jamie Byrom’s workshop at the 2012 SHP Conference:
I’ve started so I’ll finish.

Jamie writes…

A lot of attention is now given in schools to the way we start and finish lessons. The language of “starters” and “plenaries” is now almost universally embedded into planning sheets and teachers’ minds.  The guidance certainly involve activities that give individual lessons purposeful starts and satisfying conclusions, but its real focus is on how we begin and end historical enquiries that last several lessons.

The aim is to develop strong theory and healthy, varied, effective practice in the way we set up the challenge and in the way we draw the thinking together at the end, so learners reach solid conclusions and know what they know.

The resources provide a discussion of the issues and examples of effective starters and plenaries.


Resource 1 ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’ – starters and plenaries in history teaching

Resource 2 Suggested activities that may work well as ‘starters’

Resource 3 Suggested end products that may work well as ‘plenaries’