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Continuing our 40-year tradition of supporting teachers and working to improve history teaching, we hope this website provokes thought, inspiration and enthusiasm for the teaching of history.

Michael Riley, SHP Director.

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OCR GCSE History B: Plans for The People’s Health 

These two plans for the thematic study The People’s Health, c.1250 to present have been produced by Sally Burnham (SHP Regional Adviser for the East Midlands) and by SHP schools in Somerset. They are packed with rigorous and engaging learning a... Read More »

OCR GCSE History B: Resources for Making of America

SHP’s Regional Adviser for Yorkshire/Humberside and all-round expert on 19th century America, Alex Ford, suggests some resources to help you prepare to teach the new OCR History B Making of America course. This post and this post detail the res... Read More »

Patriotism and the Great War

This simulation by Ian Luff is designed to help students think deeply about the experience of soldiers on the Western Front. The resources are from Ian’s plenary session at the 2016 SHP Conference. Patriotism and the Great War Guide part 1 Patr... Read More »