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Essay Competition – The Results


Schools History Project Essay Competition

in association with Professor Peter Frankopan, No More Marking and Hodder Education


Thank you very much to the over-160 schools that have participated in the SHP essay competition in association with Prof Peter Frankopan and No More Marking supported by Hodder Education and History Today.

Congratulations to all who took part, the standard was remarkably high and the number of places that written about was extraordinary.

The comparative judgement section of the competition was very successful with over 70 people taking the opportunity to explore No More Marking’s comparative judgement system. Despite there being no markscheme and no moderation meetings, the final reliability score that was over 0.7 which, No More Marking assure me, is a more reliable scoring system than marking against a markscheme. Thank you to all the people who took part.

This round produced a shortlist that was passed to Professor Frankopan. Unfortunately, we are not able to run a public vote as we had originally intended. But, having the winner decided by one of the world’s best historians is no bad thing.

Teachers are welcome to download a certificate for all their students who entered the competition here here.

Professor Frankopan reveals the winners in this video…