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Key Stage Three

Essay Competition – The Results

THE RESULTS Schools History Project Essay Competition in association with Professor Peter Frankopan, No More Marking and Hodder Education THE RESULTS Thank you very much to the over-160 schools that have participated in the SHP essay competition in association with Prof Peter Frankopan and No More Marking supported by Hodder Education and History Today. Congratulations to all who took part, the st...

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Virtual Summer Conference

Schools History Project Virtual Conference It is with great delight that the Schools History Project can announce its first national virtual conference. This conference will take place 10-12 July, 2020 via Microsoft Teams and will consist of: Two plenary sessions Nine workshops A Q&A with representatives from the exam boards A quiz All delegates will have the opportunity to ‘attend’...

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Teaching Black Tudors – resources

Black Tudors Miranda Kaufman’s plenary at SHP 2019 and workshop by Josh Garry and Wendy Lennon alerted delegates to a range of approached that teachers nationally are developing using Miranda’s books. The short blog explains the background to the project while the Google Drive contains materials that have already been created to support teachers, but please feel free to add some of your own. Curre...

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Using oral history at Key Stage 3

Oral history has great potential to connect history to the lives of young people. It can deepen students’ understanding of history by making it more personal and complex. These resources emerged from Helen Snelson’s plenary session at the 2018 SHP Conference. Helen made a powerful argument for the potential of oral history to change the focus of historical enquiry and to build relationships betwee...

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The Industrial Revolution in Manchester

This enquiry, produced by Historic England’s Heritage Schools Programme in association with Hannah Barker and Sarah Alderson, featured in Hannah and Sarah’s sessions at the 2017 and 2018 SHP Conferences. It is intended to develop a complex understanding of the Industrial Revolution by asking students how far they agree with the statement ‘Mills and factories were the only basis for the Industrial ...

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‘Ordinary things?’: Teaching the Holocaust

This lesson, from the Centre for Holocaust Education at UCL, provides a powerful introduction to the Holocaust for Year 9 pupils and above. Click here to download the lesson plan and PowerPoint (hosted on Google Drive). You can find further resources for teaching the Holocaust by clicking here.

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The ‘Campden Wonder’: What happened to William Harrison?

This resource is a murder mystery with a difference. It relates to the disappearance of William Harrison in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire in 1660. It led to a trial and three executions for murder before Harrison’s ‘wondrous’ reappearance two years’ later with an incredible story to tell. It will help pupils: understand the attitudes and beliefs of people in the 17th century develop their skil...

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Myths and Monty Python: an enquiry into early-modern witchcraft

The attached materials from Kerry Apps, history teacher at the Charter Schools, Dulwich, are from an enquiry into the significance of the witch-hunts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries presented at the Schools History Project Summer Conference 2016. Rationale This enquiry was created to provide year eight with their first introduction to the historical concept of significance and provide t...

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Patriotism and the Great War

This simulation by Ian Luff is designed to help students think deeply about the experience of soldiers on the Western Front. The resources are from Ian’s plenary session at the 2016 SHP Conference. Patriotism and the Great War Guide part 1 Patriotism and the Great War Guide part 2 Resource 1. Declaration Resource 2. Sylvia Pankhurst Briefing Notes Resource 3 Siegfried Sassoon Briefing Notes ...

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