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Women In Nazi Germany

This activity was devised by Christina Pascoe for the SHP depth study on Germany 1918-1945. It is used as the starter activity for an enquiry on women in Nazi Germany. The lesson in which the activity featured was rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, and was praised for the high level of student interest and engagement. In order to help students understand Nazi views on women, and the diversity of wo...

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Spin PowerPoints

Lesley Ann McDermott shared a novel revision strategy in the TeachMeet session at the 2012 SHP Conference. Lesley Ann uses Spin Powerpoints to make revision sessions more challenge, fun and engaging. Check out her Spin Powerpoint based on crime and punishment past questions in Resource 1. (Press ‘S’ to stop the spin!). In Resource 2 Lesley Ann suggests ideas for other things that you could include...

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Revising individuals from the Medicine Development Study

The purpose of this lesson is to revise key individuals from the medicine development study. My students often get them mixed up so I have devised a number of activities to help them remember the work of key individuals. I have brought 3 of the activities together here to create a revision lesson. A mixture of visual, oral and written activities consolidates students’ knowledge. Downloads A WORD v...

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Simulating an Early Nineteenth-Century Surgical Operation

This activity, by Andy Harmsworth, helps students to get to grips with the surgery strand of SHP’s development study of medicine. You and your students carry out a short classroom simulation of a surgical operation at the beginning of the 19 th century. The activity is used after studying the development of surgery before 1800. It provides a lively and memorable introduction to a series of lessons...

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History Around Us: Archaeology and NMR

This guidance is based the workshop at the 2009 SHP Conference by Mary Mills, Catherine McHarg and Ian Coulson, ‘Dig it with NMR’. The workshop provided a range of resources and ideas for engaging pupils in archaeological enquiry using the websites of English Heritage and the National Monuments Record. Two particularly useful resources from the workshop are: A handout (in PDF) which explains how E...

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